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Vol. 21 (2012), No. 1, 15 March 2012
Asymptotic expressions for the remainder term in the quadrature formula of Gauss-Jacobi type
Author: Ana Maria Acu / Daniel Florin Sofonea
Abstract: In this paper we have considered error analysis for a quadrature formula which is obtained by integration of linear positive operator. The asymptotic expressions for remainder term of Gauss-Jacobi type quadrature formula are also given.
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On a generalization of Euler constant in connection to di-Gamma function
Author: Laszlo Balog
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A new homogeneous inequality and a few of its applications
Author: Marin Bancoș
Abstract: An original homogeneous inequality, written for 2 sets of n variables, represents the starting point of the paper. This inequality is the key to the other theoretical results, and could be considered as a simple, but new and powerful mathematical tool.
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The processing of data for statistical tests of their basic parameters
Author: Ștefan Berezny
Abstract: This article focuses on the application of established data on flight delays at the airport Kosice and its adaptation for further processing. These data were recorded for 36 months of 2006--2008. Modification of data is necessary for their further analysis in terms of time series analysis. Statistical tests of the basic parameters of the values of the flight delays at the airport Kosice are made with their analysis.
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Blending surfaces generated using the Bernstein operator
Author: Marius M. Birou
Abstract: In this paper we construct blending surfaces using the univariate Bernstein operator. The surfaces have the properties that they stay on a curve (the border of the surfaces domain) and have a fixed height in a point from the domain. The surfaces are generated using a curve network, instead of the control points from the case of classical Bezier surfaces. We study the monotonicity and we give conditions to obtain concave surfaces.
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Ulam-Hyers stability of fixed point equations for singlevalued operators on KST spaces
Author: Liliana Guran
Abstract: In this paper we define the notions of Ulam-Hyers stability with respect to a w-distance (in the sense of Kada, Suzuki and Takahashi) and prove several Ulam-Hyers stability results for operators satisfying to a contractive-type condition with respect to w
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On a subclass of analytic functions defined by Ruscheweyh operator
Author: Abdul Rahman Salman Juma / Luminița-Ioana Cotârlă
Abstract: By using the Ruscheweyh derivative, we have introduced a subclass of analytic functions with negative coefficients in the unit disc. Some properties of analytic function as necessary and sufficient coefficient condition for this class are provided. Distortion bounds, inclusion relation and various properties are also determined.
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Use of GeoGebra in teaching about central tendency and spread variability
Author: Pellumb Kllogjeri / Adrian Kllogjeri
Abstract: In data analysis are used graphs, tables, and numerical summaries to study the variation present in data under study. Graphs are effective visual tools because they present information quickly and easily. Graphs are commonly used by print and electronic media and, data can be better understood when presented by a graph than by a table because the graph can reveal a trend or comparison. Graphs display the relationship between variables or show the value spread of a given variable or phenomenon. Measuring the central tendency we identify the most representative value in a set of data. Mean, median and mode give different perspectives of a data set's centre, but a data description is not complete until the spread variability is also known. The basic numerical description of a data set requires measures of both centre and spread. In this paper we will be concentrated on graphical representation of data collected from a population. A useful tool to get such nice visual representations is GeoGebra. GeoGebra is an interactive geometry system and, by the use of its virtual tools, we can do constructions with points, vectors, segments, lines; we can construct histogram and geometrically show the positions of the median and quartiles [4]. GeoGebra provides numerical calculations for the measures of data centre and spread. GeoGebra software is very useful and helpful for teachers and students to graphically present data and easy understand and interpret them [6]. Also, GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra, and calculus. Using this dynamic feature in the teaching hour of statistics, the students have a better and fuller understanding about data measures and data spread.
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The crossing number of $P_5^2 \times Pn$
Author: Daniela Kravecova
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Ulam-Hyers stability for partial differential equations
Author: Vasile L. Lazăr
Abstract: Using the weakly Picard operator technique, we will present some Ulam-Hyers stability results for some partial differential equations.
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The generalization of certain results for Szasz-Mirakjan-Schurer operators
Author: Dan Miclăuș / Ovidiu T. Pop
Abstract: The present article continues earlier research by authors, in order to reach two goals. Firstly, we give a general formula concerning calculation of the test functions by Szasz-Mirakjan-Schurer operators and secondly, we establish a Voronovskaja type theorem, the uniform convergence and the order of approximation using the modulus of continuity for the same operators.
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{Ulam-Hyers stability for operatorial inclusions
Author: Oana Maria Mleșnițe
Abstract: The purpose of the work is to present some Ulam-Hyers stability results for the coincidence point problem associated to single-valued and multi-valued operators. As an application, an Ulam-Hyers stability theorem for a differential inclusion.
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An approach to MDA - ComDeValCo framework
Author: S. Motogna / I. Lazăr / B. Pârv
Abstract: Software design based on Model Driven Architecture can be essentially improved including agile principles as immediate execution and test first development. This paper shows how a concrete tool, the ComDeValCo framework, has been constructed and enhanced to support such an approach. The paper discusses in detail how the constructs for component models and for the dynamic execution environment have been introduced.
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Further properties of (γ, γ ')-preopen sets
Author: N. Rajesh / V. Vijayabharathi
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