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Vol. 20 (2011), No. 1, 15 March 2011
Bounded topologies on endomorphism rings
Author: Horea F. Abrudan
Abstract: We prove in this note that the ring of endomorphisms of an infinite bounded Abelian group admits a nondiscrete right bounded ring topology. We give an example of an Abelian group whose ring of endomorphisms admits both nondiscrete left and right bounded topologies but does not admit a nondiscrete bounded ring topology.
No. of downloads: 150
Attestation of assumptions about random error of the regression model
Author: Miriam Andrejiova
Abstract: The article deals with the regression model of functional dependency on impact force from height of falling and weight of ram for selected conveyor belt. Main part of the article is devoted to the analysis of random error, mainly verifying the conditions of independence, normality and homoscedasticity of residuals.
No. of downloads: 144
A topological structure on the basins of attraction for iterative methods
Author: Gheorghe Ardelean
Abstract: In a previous paper we investigated the \emph{left topology} associated to a quasiorder relation (a reflexive and transitive binary relation) on a set. In this work we introduce a topological structure on the basins of attraction of some iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations. Some results obtained in our investigations are presented.
No. of downloads: 153
Mathieu's theorem in the Poincare disc model of hyperbolic geometry
Author: Cătălin Barbu
Abstract: In this note, we present a proof of Mathieu's hyperbolic theorem in the Poincare disc model of hyperbolic geometry.
No. of downloads: 146
About approximation of $B$-continuous functions of several variables by generalized Boolean sum operators of Bernstein type on a simplex
Author: Irina Bârsan / Petru Braica / Mircea Fărcaș
No. of downloads: 142
Bounds for the generalized LupaÈ™ functional
Author: Hacene Belbachir / Mourad Rahmani
Abstract: Upper and lower bounds for the generalized LupaÈ™ functional of n-convex (n-concave) functions are given.
No. of downloads: 148
Two elementary applications of some Presic type fixed point theorems
Author: Vasile Berinde / Mădălina Păcurar
Abstract: We introduce and illustrate by suitable examples the use of a unified fixed point method for studying the convergence of nonlinear recurrence sequences and for solving cyclic nonlinear systems of equations. Our technique is essentially based on some Presic type fixed point theorems.
No. of downloads: 161
Approximations to the constant e
Author: Chao-Ping Chen / Mihaly Bencze
Abstract: The main object of this paper is to present new sequences approximating the constant e, which converge faster towards the constant e.
No. of downloads: 147
On AC_I-sets, BC_I-sets, \beta _{I}^{\ast }-open sets and decompositions of continuity in ideal topological spaces
Author: Erdal Ekici
No. of downloads: 159
The Voronovskaja theorem for some linear positive operators defined by infinite sum
Author: Dan Miclăuș / Ovidiu T. Pop
Abstract: The main goal of this paper is to establish a Voronovskaja type theorem for the Szasz-Mirakjan-Schurer operators. As a particular case, we get also the Voronovskaja type theorem for the well known Mirakjan-Favard-Szasz operators.
No. of downloads: 152
Integral inequalities via several kinds of convexity
Author: M. Emin Ozdemir / Erhan Set / Mohammad Alomari
Abstract: Several integral inequalities via some kinds of convexity are obtained.
No. of downloads: 160
A note on the geometry of three circles
Author: R. Pacheco / F. Pinheiro / R. Portugal
Abstract: In the present note, we deduce some nice results concerning the geometry of three-circles from an easy incidence lemma in plane projective geometry. By particularizing to the case of the three excircles of a triangle, this lemma provides a unified geometric characterization of many interesting Kimberling centers.
No. of downloads: 136
The Pythagorean theorem and area formula for triangles on the plane with generalized absolute value metric
Author: Gokhan Soydan / Yusuf Dogru / N. Umut Arslandogan
Abstract: In this paper, we first give the Pythagorean theorem on the plane with generalized absolute value metric and show that the converse of the Pythagorean theorem is not true in this plane. Secondly, we give necessary and sufficient conditions for a triangle in this plane to have a right angle. Finally, we give a formula for the area of a triangle on this plane.
No. of downloads: 157
On several new Qi's inequalities
Author: Yin Li
Abstract: In this paper, we give a simple proof of Qi's inequality and a negative answer to an open problem.
No. of downloads: 138
On Edwards--Child's inequality
Author: Yu-Dong Wu / Zhi-Hua Zhang / Zhi-Gang Wang
No. of downloads: 159

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