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Vol. 15 (2006),
Semi-inscribed circles in a triangle
Author: Radu Bairac
Abstract: This article analyzes circles with the following property: two sides of a given triangle are tangent to the circle and the circle has a joint point with the circle circumscribed to the triangle. We are going to call this kind of circles semi-inscribed circles. Every triangle has three semi-inscribed circles. For this particular type of circles we will establish new properties that you have not found yet in the mathematical literature.
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New refinements for the AM-GM-HM inequalities
Author: Mihaly Bencze
Abstract: In this paper we introduce new means which give new refinements for the AM-GM-HM inequalities.
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About the coefficients of Bernstein multivariate polynomial
Author: Mircea D. Farcaș
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Method of steps for mixed second order functional-differential equations
Author: Răzvan V. Gabor
Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to apply the method of steps for mixed second order functional differential equations. The linear case is discussed as an example.
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Geometric prequantization of the dual of the lie algebra so(6)
Author: Mihai Ivan
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The polynomial function of order three revisited
Author: Peter Kortesi
Abstract: We study the symmetry point of the parabola of order three, we characterize the roots of the polynomial of order three, and we give some conditions for the position of the real roots related to given real numbers.
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New convergence rate of Fibonacci approach to ordinary differential equations
Author: J. O. Omolehin
Abstract: The convergence rate of Fibonacci numerical approach to the solution of ordinary differential equation is guaranteed under linear boundary valued problem.
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About $Tm,s (x)$ polynomials
Author: Ovidiu T. Pop
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Extensions of some Ceva type theorems in polygons
Author: Vasile Pop
Abstract: A complete characterization of the concurrence conditions of some straight lines that pass through the vertices of a triangle is given by Ceva Theorem. The problems connected with the concurrence of some lines in polygons, polyhedrons or simplexes lead to the idea of the extension of this result in other concurrence theorems.
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On a result of D. D. Stancu
Author: Ioana Tașcu / Andrei Horvath-Marc
Abstract: We will present two results concerning some approximation properties of the bivariate operator of D.D. Stancu, using a different technique. The article presents a teaching method of calculation.
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Credibility results for weighted contracts
Author: Virginia Atanasiu
Abstract: This is an original paper which presents and analyses the estimators of the structural parameters, in the Buhlmann-Straub model, involving complicated mathematical properties of conditional expectations and of conditional covariances. So to able to use the better linear credibility results obtained in this model, we will provide useful estimators for the structure parameters. From the practical point of view it is stated the attractive property of unbiasedness for these estimators.
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An extension of some results on the degree of progress to goal in self-organization process
Author: Memudu O. Olatinwo
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Computational capability of CGM algorithms
Author: J. O. Omolehin / K. Rauf
Abstract: The convergence rate of CGM algorithm is investigated numerically in this work and it is compared with FMFP. In particular the Extended Conjugate Gradient Method (ECGM) formulated by Ibiejugba et al. which is the consequence of CGM algorithm and the Function Space Algorithm (FSA) due to Di Pillo et al. are used to solve, numerically, some continuous cost functional that cannot be handled by the conventional CGM algorithm directly. The quadratic rate of convergence of CGM algorithm is established numerically and the experiment shows the superiority of ECGM algorithm over FSA algorithm.
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Some application of statistical information theory
Author: Lea Skrovankova / Libusa Reveszova
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A filtering servlet for improving the security of e-mail addresss
Author: Ovidiu Cosma
Abstract: Spam is a phenomenon that grows each day, because e-mail addresses are easy to get. It is relatively simple to write a spider program to search, index and validate the e-mail addresses published in the Internet. This article presents a filter for HTTP servers, that masks the e-mail addresses in both the static and dynamically created documents, leaving them visible only for the clients.
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Mathematical induction: Notes for the teacher (II)
Author: Michael Lambrou
Abstract: This set of notes on Mathematical induction is a continuation of an earlier part which appeared in the same journal. The present part contains less routine techniques of induction than the ones normally found in a standard school textbook.
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About generalization in mathematics (II)
Author: Gheorghe Miclăuș
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From non-Euclidean geometries to Picasso, Stravinski, Ionesco
Author: Dan I. Papuc
Abstract: In this article some special aspects of the European creative thinking in sciences and arts are discussed. In the XIXth and XXth centuries the European creative thinking in sciences and arts attained a very high level of freedom, creating the first non-Euclidean geometry, the relativity theory, the nonconformist arts. These results of European culture became of utmost importance in the progress of human civilization.
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Docimological perspectives on the computer assesment method
Author: Răzvan Răducanu
Abstract: This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the computer assessment method from a docimological point of view. The paper also proposes an useful application of database programming in Visual C++ regarding the computer based assessment process of students. More exactly, it is presented a mechanism is implementing a timer which can be used to set the time allowed for each question in the test. In the present model we have considered only three questions but the model can be adapted to support any number of questions.
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Regarding the impossibility of drawing a regular heptagon with the ruler and the compass
Author: Istvan Huba Attila Sass
Abstract: This paper analyzes why a regular heptagon, for a given circumradius, cannot be drawn with the ruler and the compass. The demonstration is done with the help of complex numbers.
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On some identities for means in two variables
Author: Zdravko F. Stârc / Ovidiu Bagdasar
Abstract: In this paper we give some identities which are obtained by using the integral representation for some well known means.
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