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Vol. 12 (2003),
Some applications of integral sums
Author: P. Kortesi
Abstract: The correct introduction of definite integrals plays an important role in teaching analysis. This paper is aimed to present one of the possible applications of definite integrals, which could serve the deeper understanding of the basic notion, to show how the basic definition ''is working''. The paper is partially supported by the didactical research cooperation due to the CEEPUS network H127.
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Improper integrals and Riemann sums
Author: Gabriella Kovacs
Abstract: The aim of this note is to give simple examples of absolutely convergent improper integrals having integral sums whose limit does not equal the value of the integral.
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Some geometric transformations and their connections to complex numbers
Author: Gh. Miclauș
Abstract: In the twelve form textbooks ([2], [3]) are presented some groups of geometric transformations: homotheties, translations, rotations etc. In this paper we will present two geometric transformations and we will show their relationship to groups of complex functions of the same type, namely isomorphic structures: the group of the rotations of a polygon with n vertices and Klein's group. At the end, we will show that the type of the group of the rotations of a regular polygon with four vertices (the square) and Klein's group of geometric transformations exhaust all types of groups of order 4.
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On approximating the inverse of matrix
Author: Ion Păvăloiu
Abstract: In this note we deal with two problems: the first regards the efficiency in approximating the inverse of a matrix by the Shulz-type methods, and the second is the problem of evaluating the errors in the approximation of the inverses of the perturbed matrices.
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Quadrilaterals in which an angle is the mean of the other angles
Author: Maria Sânziana Pop / Ileana Balazs / Gh. Miclauș
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Some remarks on orthogonal polynomials
Author: Ovidiu T. Pop
Abstract: In this article we demonstrate some general results, from which, through particularities, we obtain identities satisfied by Legendre's, Laguerre's and Hemite's polynomials.
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On some inequalities for right triangles
Author: Ovidiu T. Pop / Constantin Voicu
Abstract: We will prove some inequalities between the elements of a right triangle.
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Using Prolog for the study of algebraic structures and complex operations
Author: D. Popa
Abstract: Should mathematicians learn the Prolog language? Due to its ability of modeling algebraic structures having complex operations and its backtracking algorithm able to scan a search space looking for solutions, Prolog becomes a great tool to study complex algebraic structures. The model of interactions between compilers when computer scientists are attempting to bootstrap a system or to create a new language or a new compiler is such an algebraic structure. This paper tries to answer ``yes'' our previous question.
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Danilovskaia's problem, revisited
Author: R. Răducanu
Abstract: The present paper describes a thermal shock problem on a semi-space within the frame of linear thermoelasticity. The analytical solution is obtained and two types of a finite difference numerical algorithm to solve the problem are also described. The solutions are discussed.
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A matrix method for obtaining the spline collocation function
Author: Magnolia Rebeles
Abstract: In this paper it is presented a procedure for obtaining a spline collocation function which approximate the solution of the initial value problem in linear differential equation, using a matrix method. There are also presented some results of implementing a Borland C program for a linear differential equation with initial values.
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The limitations of JPEG compression
Author: Ovidiu Cosma
Abstract: The JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) compression standard is based on the Discrete Cosine Transform. This transform was chosen for efficiency, but has the major disadvantage that it does not localize the frequency components in space. Because of that, the image has to be partitioned prior transform, and the margins of the blocks become visible at high compression ratios. This problem is solved in the JPEG 2000 standard, which uses the Discrete Wavelet Transform.
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The Window Fourier Transform -- a suitable alternative for image compression?
Author: Ovidiu Cosma
Abstract: The Discrete Cosine Transform [6], [8] on which the best-known image compression schemes are based [7], [1], has the major disadvantage that it does not localize the frequency components in time. The Window Fourier Transform (WFT) [3], [4], [5] solves this problem, but has limitations related to the resolutions in time and frequency. This article contains a visual evaluation of the WFT characteristics.
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Some aspects regarding the Internet protocol next generation
Author: Adriana Diaconescu
Abstract: This paper presents some different ideas and opinions about the new version of Internet Protocol (IP) -- IPng, also known as IPv6. IPng is designed as an evolutionary upgrade to the Internet Protocol and will, in fact, coexist with the older IPv4 for some time. This paper also reviews the features of the IPv6 protocol, the transition between today's IPv4 Internet and a future IPv6-based one, the structure of an IPv6 packet, the IPv6 header.
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A combined turbo code with adaptive predistortion scheme for a non-linear channel
Author: N. Rodriguez / R. Soto / W. Palma
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A simulation of the action of terrestrial gravitation
Author: Cristian Eduard Rusu
Abstract: This paper is a simple illustration of how a low-degree-difficulty abstract formula, concerning a physical phenomenon, can be implemented in an interactive and graphically suggestive way, with the use of a computer. A short historical view on the subject is included. Input data sets and graphic results are presented.
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Forecasting methods and stock market analysis
Author: Virginica Rusu / Cristian Rusu
Abstract: The paper briefly analysis the methods used in forecasting of the stock market quotations, from the classic methods, used by the fundamentalists and chartist annalists, to the newest methods. The practical situations, where the analyzed methods are suitable, are also indicated.
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Theon of Alexandria and Hypatia
Author: M. Lambrou
Abstract: In this paper we present the story of the most famous ancient female mathematician, Hypatia, and her father Theon of Alexandria.
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Computer science higher education in Chile
Author: Cristian Rusu
Abstract: This paper is analyzing the Computer Science higher education system in Chile. A case study was chosen: Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso. The problems regarding higher education in Computer Science are, generally speaking, similar in all countries. The system has to develop in harmony with the systems used abroad, taking advantage of the experience of others.
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Preliminaries for the teaching of non-Euclidean geometries
Author: Katalin Munkacsy
Abstract: According to contemporary principles of methodology, there are good reasons for teaching the three geometries - namely Euclidean, spherical and hyperbolic - in parallel, despite the belief of some teachers that it makes little sense in contemporary conditions. I have been looking for historical data that prove that this parallelism is natural, and precedents can be found not only in ancient Greek history, but also in the Hungarian history of science.
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