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Creative Math. and Inf. is a category B+ journal in the CNCSIS classification

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Mathematical Reviews
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Instructions for authors

Manuscripts should be written in English, following the style of our journal in what concerns the technical preparation of the papers. The manuscripts must be prepared in LATEX macro package, and should be submitted electronically (through the online submission platform above).

The template and style of our journal could be downloaded from  [Template, Style file ].
The manuscripts will include the full address (es) of the author (s), with E-mail address (es), an abstract not exceeding 150 words, 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification, Key words and phrases.

The submission of a manuscript for publication in our journal implies that the paper has not been published, nor is being considered for publication elsewhere and this is also viewed as the author's copyright transfer in case the manuscript is accepted.

Authors should note that an accepted manuscript, in its final form, may be slightly edited by our technical editors for readability and for compliance with the style of our journal but the main responsability for preparing the manuscripts in accordance with the journal's template belongs to the author (s). The galley proofs are usually sent to the authors.

Any manuscript will have no more than 8 pages, using the journal's template. Only invited manuscripts are allowed to have 10-12 pages. For manuscripts exceeding the maximal admitted length, any extra page will be charged 40 EUR.

          References should be listed in alphabetical order; the following reference style should be used:

[1] Qin, X. and Su, Y., Viscosity approximation methods for nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces, Carpathian J. Math., 22 (2006), No. 1-2, 163-172

[2] Berinde, V., Comparing Krasnoselskij and Mann iterative methods for Lipschitzian generalized pseudocontractions, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Fixed Point Theory and its Applications, Valencia, Spain, July 13-19, 2003 (Garcia-Falset, J. et al., Eds.), Yokohama Publishers, Yokohama, 2004, 15-26

[3] Rus I. A., Pretusel A. and Petrusel G., Fixed Point Theory: 1950 - 2000, Romanian Contributions, House of the Book of Science, Cluj-Napoca, 2002.

          The (corresponding) author of each published paper will receive electronically the .pdf reprint of the paper.
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